All decals used in the production of Match Mark products are available from this list.

  • For the Starter board,  H and V in red and yellow                   $0.80 per board  
  • For the HOME/VISITOR board in Red and Yellow                   $3.20 per board
  • For the LOGO** scoreboard with VISITOR                             $15.00 per board
  • Score Markers;black/white, green white-ten markers,            $8.00 per set
  • Score Markers; 1's and 2's                        ten markers,            $8.00 per set
  • Score Board Body decals 0-7,0 - 8, 010, and team score.      $10.50 per board                 
  • "SETS" for ten boards                                                                $10.00 per set

                        ** A minimum press run is for six logo boards.


When decals are shipped separately a shipping and handling charge of  $10.00 will apply.